Best air cooler in India – 2021

Best budget air cooler in India 2021.

If you live in middle part of the country or in anywhere from south-eastern part then you know hoe hot it can be in summers, especially from march to May.

Everyone wants an escape, well there are only two solutions from it either buy an air conditioner which may seems a little bit costly to someone or buy a cooler which can go in handy easily. Everyone from small member family to shop owners can buy a cooler, as because cooler these days comes in a wide range of prices without getting burden on your pocket.

Here are some of the best air cooler which you might want to see.

1. Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24-litres Personal Air Cooler (White) – for Medium Room.

Brand Bajaj
Model PCF 25 DLX
Manufacturer Tulika Appliances Pvt. Ltd.

From the manufacturer.

Bajaj electronics is one of the best and leading brands in Indian market delivering some of the best premium quality products.

Again, bringing you its one best quality product Bajaj PCF 25 DLX air cooler.

This cooler is built using modern engineering technique resulting in super sir delivering with powerful air throw up to 18 feet. The hexagonal technology at three sides ensures maximum cooling with minimum water consumption.

This hexagonal feature is integrated at three sides of the cooler which removes pads, insects, unwanted furry hair from pets getting into the system and maintains the safety of cooler intact.

The water tank is 24l built on wheels which rotate 360 degree giving you best moment.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Item weight is 8 kg 300 gm
  • 1-year warranty on product
  • 10-day replacement policy available
  • Bank offers applicable
  • Ideal for room size of 150 sq. Ft
  • 410 ratings


2. Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler 31-litres, with Remote, Honeycomb Pad, Multi-Stage Air Purification & Low Power Consumption (White).

Brand Symphony
Model Hicool i
Manufacturer Symphony limited

From the manufacturer.

In the cooling market you might have seen a lot of advertisement from Symphony coolers, as because this brand ensures their products requirement meets the consumers demands.

This product is built with multistage filtration process and powered by i-pure technology which maintains the breathable air inside your room. In multistage filtration there are 5 layers of protection named as dust filter, smell filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter and PM 2.5 wash filter.

All this filtering layer ensures the product safety as well as yours. You will not feel suffocated after using this cooler for a long time like other coolers.

Other functionality includes system restore function which helps you to return back to previous function easily, SMPS technology that automatically shuts-off cooler during power failures, low power consumption, cool flow dispenser and dura-pump technology.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Item weight is 9 kg
  • 10-day replacement policy
  • 1-year warranty on product
  • 1792 ratings
  • Bank offers available

3. Symphony Siesta 70 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 70-litres with Powerful Fan, 3-Side Honeycomb Pads, Multistage Air Purification & Low Power Consumption (White).

Brand Symphony
Model SIESTA 70 XL
Manufacturer Symphony Limited

From the manufacturer.

Again, one the symphony product is on the list as this company dominates this market very easily with its product.
This product has three side exhaust or say ventilation for air one back and two on the either sides, but in the back the ventilation is divided into sub-three parts. For ensuring cooling.
This product is also powered by i-pure technology with multistage filtration that is 5 filters are integrated with it dust filter, smell filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter and PM 2.5 wash filter.
Other features include cool flow dispenser, dura-pump technology, low power consumption and high-efficient honeycomb cooling pads.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Item weight is 12 kg 100 gm
  • 10-Day replacement policy available
  • Bank offers applicable
  • 1-year warranty on product
  • Integrated with easy to dial knobs
  • Suitable for room size of 110 metric cube

4. Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler (White-Maroon).

Brand Crompton
Model Woodwool
Manufacturer Crompton Greaves

From the manufacturer.

Crompton is an Indian multinational company which builds some od the best electronics used in Indian house hold on daily basis. Now if you increase your budget a little bit you will get the best cooler in the market.

This product is built with some of the finest engineers in the country it delivers air at 4200 metric/hour. All the buttons are integrated on the product itself.

The motor is protected with extra protection, the cooling pad is woodwool cooling technology, there is an ice chamber on top of the product. The water tank is 55 litre capacity.
Other features include motorized louver moment, inverter capability, rust free body and easy to clean or wipe body.

  • Miscellaneous
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • 10-Day replacement policy available
  • Body made of ABS thermoplastic
  • Suitable for 500 sq. Ft room size
  • 173 ratings

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