Semi automatic washing machine under 15000

Washing machines these days have become an essential lively hood product for daily usage, be it rural or urban areas. These machines come in handy especially in areas of commercial or bachelor’s locality where people find difficult to spend their times on unproductive things and yet all this technology advancement will be in vain if it isn’t taking over your non-productive chores.

One such things which counts in non-productive things is washing your clothes as because it typically is just wasting your time end energy when it can be done using washing machine. But wait ever wonder what variants of machines are available in the market their types, pricing usage and capacity?

Well, we are here to discuss all these related terms in one go.

What is semi-automatic washing machine?

Basically, there are two types of washing machine.

Fully automatic washing machine.

Semi-automatic washing machine.

I. Fully automatic washing machine.

These machines are meant to do all your things automatically from washing, rinsing till drying your clothes all without any human intervention, there are also two types of machines in this category.
Top load access location
Front load access location

1. Top load access location.

In this type of washing machine, the access point or the point from where you insert clothes is given in the top of the washing machine. These types of machines are vey common and used frequently in houses. Also, you will find these types of machine in Indian homes more typically due to scarcity of space. These are bit efficient and budget friendly as compared to front load access location. The number of clothes it takes as compared to front load is less but time taken to wash those clothes is also reduced.

2. Front load access location.

In this type of washing machines, the access location or the point from where we insert clothes is given directly in the front. These types of machines are not common houses however, it is very common in laundry shops, hotels, and big industries where they have to deal with lot of clothes. You may also find these types of machines in US homes. The number of clothes it takes is greater than top landing access machines however time required to wash those clothes is also greater. This machine is a bit costly than as compared to previous machine.

II. Semi-automatic washing machine.

Unlike fully automatic washing machines these machines required human intervention at certain places. These machines are budget friendly and very low cost, but these are not meant for large families. It is comfortable for couples or bachelor’s who needs to move or shift occasionally as these types of machines are portable. The price range of these machines can be from anywhere to 8k till 15k based on type.

There are two types of semi-automatic washing machines
Single tub washing machine
Twin tub washing machine

1. Single tub washing machine.

These types of washing machine have only one tub to wash clothes and rinse it. It is attached with two tubes one inside the other the outer tub is integrated with holes which helps in washing. These types of machine require human intervention, once clothes are washed you need to remove it, pour the water and insert it back. Also, it requires almost the least space and is very light can be moved easily. In a different range of washing machines these machines are the cheapest one.

2. Twin tub washing machines.

These types of washing machines have two tub side by side, one tub is used to wash the clothes and other is used to dry it. Yes, this machines also require the human intervention, once the clothes are washed into one tub you need to manually transfer the clothes into another tub for drying. This manual shifting of clothes from one tub to another is replaced by fully automatic washing machines where washing and drying both takes place into single tub. These machines take a bit more space compared to single tub or fully automatic washing machines. Also, it is a bit costly than single tub washing machines.

Now let us see what you should see while buying washing machines.

  • For fully automatic washing machines
  • Motor
  • Company
  • Functionality
  • Power consumption
  • Memory retention capacity during power failure
  • For semi-automatic washing machine
  • Material of the tub
  • Wash setting
  • Spin cycle
  • Fuzzy control
  • Temperature control
  • Time delay
  • Summary

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